This week, I talk about life of the week, work issues, and more.

Then there’s the video of this guy who gives some abortion protestors some shit!

Jen Allen from the group Hath No Fury joins me to talk about Des Moines Municipal Code 10-8, which doesn’t allow minors in bars after 9pm. We talk about that, and the effects it has on the local music scene. Then we talk about Hath No Fury and how she feels when performing.

There is a section of the show where I play some songs from the band. (Bruised, Shame, and Friend Without Benefits) If you don’t hear the songs, it’s because I had to pull the segment for whatever reason. Go look them up on YouTube if you have to. Oh, and GO SEE THEM LIVE!!!

Also, Cheese from “Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends” joins me on occasion…

Some of the audio in this episode is choppy. I apologize. I’m working on that!

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